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 Reading Image dimensions of a image file type in a folder

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Declan Keeton posted 11-22-2023 12:50

I have a folder full of images & I would like to check the dimensions of each image type. Is there an action to do this?

I have an email indexing process that is currently having an issue as it's indexing images as logos. 
It's a crude but simple solution, I want to save all attachments from an email &  check the dimensions of the image types and not index the smaller images. 

After checking some emails I can see most of logos are below 3-400x 3-400 & all the relevant images were well above this, 

It might need some refinement but I'm just looking to reduce the waste, I know it won't eliminate the problem. 

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Harish Mogulluri

Hi Declon Keeton,

 Check uility - Image Manipulation VBO  to check the dimensions

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Declan Keeton

@Harish Mogulluri - Thanks for the response. Unfortunately the images are stored in a folder in a drive, they're not in a Blue Prism data item. 

So I either need something to read the dimensions externally or to be able to import the image into Blue Prism.
I should also add that within Image manipulation I don't see an action to get the dimensions even if I solve the above challenge of importing the image.

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Harish Mogulluri

Hi Declan Keeton,

YOu can  dynamically  get  the image to blue prism data item  from shared drive and check the dimensions.

I  think you can get the dimensions by using "uility - Image Manipulation VBO"  

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Leonardo Soares


Dimension information is normally possible to capture through the image file's metadata, I believe that Harish's VBO has this option, otherwise it is worth looking for some metadata capture VBO or stage code.


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Declan Keeton

@Harish Mogulluri - I'm not familiar with a method to dynamically import an image into Blue Prism. Can you elaborate please?

@Leonardo Soares - Yes, I was experimenting with some vb .net code that uses the system drawing .dll but so far not been able to get it to work unfortunately.


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Jerome Santiago
I've prepared a sample VB code snippet that you can use to achieve this.
Reference namespace
Sample Code
This code checks the dimensions of images in the specified Image Path.  Feel free to modify the code.