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 SAP GUI automation does not work as expected after migration from v6.6 to v7.0.1

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Vasant Kumar posted 06-27-2022 11:54
Hi Team,

Recently we have upgraded our environment with Blue Prism version to 7.0.1 from 6.6.
One of the existing process, which involves SAP automation runs very smoothly in Blue Prism version 6.6 and the same code with exact same SAP settings does not work with Blue Prism version 7.0.1.

I have followed the steps mentioned  in this article :

Existing application module elements are not matching and I can not spy elements newly because none of the spy modes are recognizing the required fields.

Error screenshots FYR:

Please guide me with your valuable suggestion to over come this issue which is a high priority task

Thanks in advance

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Michael ONeil
Hi Vasant

If none of the spy modes appear to working with SAP it could be that sap scripting is turned off in SAP. If you look at the options and check if scripting is on and if not you would need to enable it to identify sap elements.
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Derek Teague
Hi Vasant
Further to Michaels's reply, if you check in SAP as shown, if greyed out, then scripting is not enabled in SAP.