Community Platform Updates: May 29, 2024

Unveiling details of our latest community platform update

Community Team
Community Team


It's been a little while since we posted about our 1.9.01 update, and work on our new community platform has continued move apace behind the scenes. Today we've gone live with our updated 1.9.02 release here on the SS&C Blue Prism Community. Overall, this release is a light touch, with some minor cosmetic changes sitting on top of optimization work that we've done under the hood.

We’ll continue updating you regularly on the changes happening in our community, with our next update planned to drop in June. Your feedback is crucial; if you have ideas on how to improve the community, head to our Community Suggestions space. 


Community Update 1.9.02


If you're an eagle eyed, regular user, you may notice a few light touches here and there. We've addressed some visual inconsistencies with some of the 'View All' buttons on the home page, and ensured the Community FAQ now displays categories in alphabetic order.

Beyond that, we've done some work on performance on certain widgets and modules, and addressed a few items that will make it easier to ensure the smooth running of the platform.


We'd gotten on top of a lot of bugs and glitches in the early weeks following March's platform change. There were a few new formatting and display issues identified, which are all fixed in this update, and in a series of smaller patches between our last update and today.


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