Documentation Gets a Smart Upgrade

Find out the smart new features available with our Documentation upgrades.

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SS&C Blue Prism Documentation

SS&C Blue Prism Documentation is the central hub for our online product information including installation guides, user guides, release notes and all the technical information you need to get the most out of our products.

We're excited to announce new updates and share our ongoing investment to enhance this space. We’ll share the highlights here, along with upcoming improvements, as we continue to enhance our websites.


Documentation made for you

At SS&C Blue Prism, we’re always working hard behind the scenes to make the lives of our end users easier. We read every survey response and feedback left for us, and this year we’ve been really focused on improving some of our most visited websites.

Updated homepageUpdated homepage

We know that you want information at your fingertips – easy to find, consume and implement. With that in mind, our documentation website has undergone a complete overhaul to make life easier for SS&C Blue Prism professionals and citizen developers alike.

Updated tilesUpdated tiles

Integrated searchIntegrated search

As part of our new and improved digital experience, we’ve given the documentation site a refreshed look and feel that makes it easier to read and navigate. At the same time, it still holds all the existing Product Documentation, Installation Guides, User Guides, Release Notes and other information you’d need — and expect — and retains the same search functionality.

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We’ve also included some additional new features to make things more streamlined for you.

  1. Content Sharing is much easier! It’s really simple to share topics with colleagues via email or direct links.
  2. Make your own bespoke PDFs! Generate custom PDFs from selected topics or sections which allows you to keep relevant information locally.
  3. Dark mode! Our most common request! Switch between dark and light modes for a comfortable viewing experience. Just click the moon icon 🌙  to go to dark mode, and the sun ☀️ to brighten your screen.

Light and dark modeLight and dark mode


Useful Links

Keen to take a peek of these upgrades? Head to the Documentation site now!

If you’re new to our Documentation site, here are some great topics you should check out:

  •  Keep up-to-date with every change made to your new SS&C | Blue Prism Next Generation platform with our release notes and change log. 

  • Find out more about migrating to our Next Generation platform.

  • Find out more about the end-of-life of SS&C | Blue Prism Enterprise version 6 and the options that are available to you.


What’s Next?

We’re not stopping there though.

Coming soon, over the next few months, we’ll be adding additional functionality to enable you to personalize your documentation experience with the ability to curate custom collections, which will allow you to create collections of help topics to give you quick access to those topics that are important to you and get notified of updates to topics delivered to your inbox. We’ll also include knowledge base articles and SS&C | Blue Prism Chorus content here.

Watch this space – and please make the time to leave us more feedback. In the meantime, enjoy the new SS&C Blue Prism Documentation – it’s smarter, cleaner, easier to use and makes you more productive.


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