Idea Update: How You Influence the Product Roadmap

This blog is part of a series where SS&C Blue Prism highlights customer ideas, product research outcomes and the impact customer feedback has had on the business each quarter.

Community Team
Community Team

You Said It, We Did It

In the whirlwind of March, we sifted through over 60 ideas – with changes unfolding before our very eyes!

Thank you to everyone who shared and voted.

Can You Spot Your Ideas in the SS&C Blue Prism Product Roadmap?

We’re excited to announce our upcoming product roadmap session on April 11. Join us for a deep dive into the heart of intelligent automation (IA) to learn more about our latest releases and innovations – including our SS&C | Blue Prism® Next Generation platform.

We’ve incorporated up to 40 of your ideas into the roadmap. Can you spot what they are? We’re looking forward to sharing more details about which ideas made it into the roadmap next month!


How you influence the product roadmap

Curious about how your input shapes our future? Well, get ready, because we're about to walk you through the fascinating journey of idea cultivation. Over the past few years, we've brought more than 50 ideas to life annually. Surprised? Your votes are the key ingredient driving this innovation.

Firstly, we encourage you to take a moment to search for existing ideas before submitting a new one. By casting your vote for existing ideas, you can accelerate their journey to the coveted 15-vote threshold.

Once an idea garners 15 votes or more, it grabs the attention of our team of experts. Together, they evaluate its potential impact across our customer base. Occasionally, an idea is so exceptional that our experts prioritize it before it hits the 15-vote mark. But don't worry, every vote counts in shaping our roadmap.

Imagine a wealth of ideas emerging, each brimming with potential. Your votes act as guiding lights, helping us sift through this sea of innovation, ensuring only the most promising ideas move forward.


Excited about the prospect of shaping our product roadmap?

The next time you visit the SS&C Blue Prism Community, be sure to explore our product ideas board. Take a moment to search and vote for existing ideas before submitting a new one. Better yet, leave a comment on an idea because this has a positive impact on our decision process too. To understand why leaving a comment is just as important, read our February blog.

Your participation is crucial in bringing forth the changes you want to see and making our products the best in the market. So, join us in driving innovation forward by engaging with our ideas program today!