MVP 2024: Applications and Nominations Open Now

Community Team
Community Team

MVP 2024: Applications and Nominations Open Now


Hello friends, 
Every year, the SS&C Blue Prism team seeks out the most kind, generous, helpful and inspirational users of our products – and assembles them into a small but mighty team known as the “Most Valued Professionals” (MVPs). As of today, our search begins again. Applications for MVP 2024 are open now: 
Working with the MVPs has, without a doubt, been the most emotionally rewarding part of my job as a senior community manager on the team. The 23 people from across the world who joined the MVP team last year have gone on to provide help and advice in our support forum; contributed to playbooks on starting your automation journey; handed out examples of their past intelligent automation (IA) projects in Community Blueprints; and worked alongside our product, events, marketing and education teams to help make SS&C Blue Prism ever-more customer-centric and so, so much more.  
But more than all that, they’re the sort of people who smile when you smile. They’re generous with knowledge, and they relish an opportunity to help someone else succeed. In a world of robots, they bring the humanity every day.  
As our community continues to grow, we’re looking to also grow our team of MVPs. So – what’s in it for you? 

Rewards and Recognition 

MVPs are recognized and celebrated by SS&C Blue Prism for their technical expertise, thought leadership, creativity in automation and their love for their profession. In return for putting that energy into helping our community, they get access to a host of exclusive benefits: 
  • Quarterly intelligence sharing and industry news briefing sessions. 
  • Certification as an MVP. 
  • A signed MVP confirmation letter from the SS&C Blue Prism leadership team. 
  • A “goodie pack” filled with MVP-branded swag. 
  • A self-promotion kit. 
  • Training on writing blogs and social media content. 
  • The option to judge Community Hackathons. 
  • Inclusion in ad-hoc product research projects. 
  • A free SS&C Blue Prism University certification voucher. 
  • Access to exclusive product roadmap Q&A sessions. 
  • Blogging, content creation and collaboration opportunities. 
  • Access to a private space in the Community, just for MVPs. 



Who Can Join? 

End-users of SS&C Blue Prism products who are employed by customer or partner organizations, as well as students using SS&C Blue Prism products as part of their studies, can apply to join the MVP program. You need to demonstrate technical competency with at least one SS&C Blue Prism product but, more than anything, you should have a strong passion for sharing knowledge and helping others succeed. 




What Are MVPs Expected To Do? 

Some of our longest-standing MVPs dedicate 3-5 hours a month towards projects and activities that inspire and give confidence to other intelligent automation members. They include (but aren’t limited to): 

  • Authoring thought-leadership or technical guidance blogs for the SS&C Blue Prism Community blog. 
  • Answering questions and starting interesting discussions in the Community. 
  • Sharing examples of their work to inspire others through Community Blueprints. 
  • Aiding in the running and management of community events, such as hackathons and the Customer Excellence Awards. 
  • Leading user and interest groups across the world. 
  • Collaborating with SS&C Blue Prism staff to bring the voice of the Community to their work. 
  • Creating YouTube videos, social media posts and other content that help to keep the IA community up to date with the latest product and industry news. 
  • Mentoring early-career-stage automation professionals. 
  • Championing and cheerleading the contributions of other members to the Community. 

At a minimum, MVPs are expected to show engagement with the MVP program once a month to retain their MVP status. 




Why Should I Apply/Nominate Someone? 

If you’re the kind of person who loves to help others, spread the brilliance of intelligent automation and wants deeper insights into the future of automation technologies – this is for you.  
Being an MVP is a fantastic way to:  
  • Build your personal brand and reputation within the IA space. 
  • Give back to the IA community. 
  • Empower others to succeed in their careers. 
  • Grow your professional network. 
  • Get exclusive access to insights, upcoming features and content creation opportunities at SS&C Blue Prism. 

Equally, if you know an SS&C Blue Prism end user who fits this spec, you can nominate them below. 
Applying or nominating takes 15 minutes and might just unlock a new level in your IA career. I can’t wait to introduce you to the 2024 MVPs later this year.