Ideas Update: Research Helps Shape Our Future. Read How!

Community Team
Community Team

This blog is part of a series where SS&C Blue Prism highlights customer ideas, product research outcomes and the impact customer feedback has had on the business each quarter. 

Ideas Update: Research Helps Shape Our Future. Read How! 

In the latest idea and innovation blog, along with the regular idea news, we’re focusing on SS&C Blue Prism’s Product Research Panel, and how they make such an important impact on the future of our products. 

You Said It, We Did It 


23 ideas were reviewed and recently changed status.  

5 ideas were recently delivered in SS&C | Blue Prism Enterprise version 7.3: 

These ideas have received a lot of votes and have been requested multiple times by our idea’s board. I’m now delighted to share that they were made available in the SS&C Blue Prism 7.3 release!  

Grouping or filtering environment variables 

This idea is asking for the option to classify or filter environment variables, for example, to filter by processes, because handling a lot of processes and environment variables can be very difficult.  

Add functionality to move stages using the arrow keys on a keyboard 

Joe suggested that we add the functionality to move stages within the process and object studio using the arrow keys on a keyboard. Currently, the only way to do this is with a mouse and it can be difficult to move stages around. 

Application modeler criteria optimizer 

Etienne suggested that we create a feature that logs the time it took to spy elements and locate the number of matches. When spying things in loaded web applications, checking or not for one criterion in the application modeler can have a huge impact on the spying speed and process execution. 

Add search for environment variables and credentials 

This idea suggests we add a simple search bar in these tabs which would save users hours, as they get many environment variables and credentials. 

Application modeler intelligent 

This idea requests an application modeler based on active windows, which automatically identifies the types of windows and applications.  


Product Research  

What is the Product Research Program? It’s a unique opportunity for all users of SS&C Blue Prism software to actively participate in shaping the future of intelligent automation. It’s welcoming and inclusive, and anyone can participate. The program is open to all SS&C Blue Prism product users, regardless of experience level or role. 
Our panel members are called on to contribute their insights and experiences to influence product development. They have ample opportunities to engage in discussions and workshops to drive improvements in automation implementation. We invite them to share their experience and feedback in interviews, surveys, workshops and early access programs. 
Chris Strong, our senior product manager, frequently engages with users within the program. 
Chris says, “In the dynamic landscape of software development, success isn't solely determined by lines of code or cutting-edge technologies; it's rooted in understanding and empathy. I believe in the power of meaningful conversations with real users, as it serves as the cornerstone for creating solutions that truly meet their needs. By actively engaging with users directly, the team and I gain invaluable insights that go beyond data points and analytics. These conversations provide a window into the user experience, allowing me to understand their pain points, aspirations and expectations and therefore do something about it. 
“Through dialogues conducted through the Product Research Program, I've witnessed firsthand the impact of a user-centric approach. For instance, during numerous engagements on the current use of Control Room and Scheduler, users expressed frustrations with the need to build in artificial time buffers to prevent schedule collisions and lack of responsiveness to work in the system. This became the catalyst for reimagining our approach within the Next Gen Control Center. 
“Listening to users is a commitment to continuous improvement and provides our guiding light. By aligning our efforts with the genuine needs of those who rely on our solutions, we are providing a win-win opportunity.” 

Product Research Outcomes 

Once a research project has been carried out, our researchers and product teams run through all the feedback and insights to help them decide on the next steps. Sometimes it can take weeks or months until we start seeing outcomes. While weve carried out a few research projects lately, were still waiting for the outcomes. Until then, wed like to thank every individual who has given their time and feedback to improve SS&C Blue Prism products.  


Were always looking for more users to get involved and share their feedback through this program and three new projects are about to start. For more information on getting involved in product research, head to the landing page! We’d love to welcome you onboard.