Meet Our Certified Developers - Devneet Mohanty


Welcome back to our community series, 'Meet our Certified Developer'! We are thrilled to present our next featured developer, @devneetmohanty07, a well-known member of our community and a true MVP (Most Valuable Professional). In this interview, Devneet shares his journey as a Blue Prism Certified Developer, providing valuable insights into his experience with the certification exams. Join us as we delve into Devneet's expertise, exploring how his knowledge has elevated his understanding of Blue Prism Products and played a pivotal role in advancing his career!




Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started in Automation/SS&C Blue Prism. 

I am Devneet Mohanty, currently working as a scrum master and a lead business analyst responsible for managing and leading the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Centre of Excellence (CoE) practice for one of my clients. Throughout the years, I have been wearing multiple hats working as a Scrum Master, Lead Business Analyst, Solution Architect, Team Lead, and RPA Process Developer dealing with multiple technologies and RPA vendors. I started my journey five years back with SS&C Blue Prism while I used to work in Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd. where my role was to support SAP Process Integration workflows. At my project, multiple processes were identified for process automation, and I was, therefore, assigned the role of a Jr. RPA Developer where I started developing a very keen interest in process automation and process designing. Thanks to that opportunity, I was able to dive into the world of RPA and was able to work across industries like Energy and resources, Healthcare, Insurance, Banking and Financial Services, Trade and Asset Management, Assurance and audit, and Retail and marketing. Also, I have been an SS&C Blue Prism Community MVP two years in a row now which is indeed my proudest achievement of all time.

Out of all the automations you have worked on which are you the most proud of? 

The one automation that I have been proud of includes a use case that we built as part of a hackathon project that involved detecting COVID symptoms based on X-ray reports provided by a user using Deep Learning models along with RPA and Augmented Reality. This project involved taking requests from users where they would upload their X-ray reports. This would trigger a back-end automation where the RPA bot would take these reports and push them to a custom deep learning model which my team built based on past sample datasets. Once, the model processes the reports and provides the predicted outcome, the RPA bot would generate a PDF report and send it to the user via email and include the link to their Augmented Reality application which we built using Unity and Vuforia. On this application, they would be able to view their results along with the overall number of cases in their region that the RPA bot would fetch from web resources. This automation was not only a great example of how RPA can integrate with other technologies such as AI and AR but also at the same time focussed on a critical issue that our masses were facing at that time.

Can you tell us how long your organization has been using automation and how they initially implemented it? 

My organization has been using RPA automation for the last 5 years and has implemented the same following their 7-D model which is built on top of the SS&C Blue Prism ROM framework. They have been able to implement projects across industries using a streamlined approach of assessing projects based on specific criteria, recommending the best and appropriate solution to our end clients, and then having the development phase carried out following the best practices and having proper code reviews conducted for each artifact that was a part of the overall To-Be solution build till we deploy the solution to the Production environment in a smooth way and have our support team monitor these bots on their defined frequencies.

What was the motivation to pursue the Blue Prism certifications in the first place? 

When I started learning about Blue Prism Products, being able to prepare for any certification tremendously helped me to not only be motivated but also make sure that I was able to follow a systematic timetable to achieve my goals and learn the modules in a proper flow. With years this approach helped me to clear my certifications with flying colours and I have been able to bag all the Blue Prism certifications under my belt. Being a 7x Certified Blue Prism Professional inspires me to stay updated with the latest product upgrades coming in the near future and help my peers achieve the same level of success.

How do the certifications help you do your job?  

I would say staying certified in different areas helps you to be acquainted with the required skillset that one would need to fulfill the roles and responsibilities associated with that domain. Apart from that it introduces professionals to knowledge and insights into unexplored sections of both the tool and the framework itself which they would eventually be working with someday if not today.

What’s the value of the Blue Prism certifications? 

From a job perspective, the SS&C Blue Prism certifications are highly valued, and they do help you to significantly stand out from other people. In an organization, the certification does provide an initial assessment for the people who can be well assigned with appropriate roles in the CoE team.

Have you taken training courses at our Blue Prism University? How did you prepare for the exam? Can you share some tips to help others who are currently preparing for the exam? 

I have taken almost every course in the SS&C Blue Prism University and have also recommended the same to my peers and juniors. What I always have believed is that having practical hands-on before appearing for these exams helps by a mile. I always suggest people to work on at least 2-3 end-to-end projects if they want to appear for the AD-01* certification exam. If you are applying for the examinations on the higher end, go through the course thoroughly and try to have practical hands-on as many sections as you can. If there are sections, that one cannot work on currently, then do network among your connections and seek guidance from the Blue Prism Community. 

Which training course, technique, or tip, has had the biggest impact on improving your performance? 

For me personally, the biggest impact on my performance has been being an interactive member of the SS&C Blue Prism Community. The Community has been one of the greatest assets from my perspective and everyone does their best to support each other. Initially, I always recommend my peers to stay as active as you can be in the Community, seek answers to your own doubts, learn from what others share on the forum. Many times, each one of us might know a specific solution to a problem statement but often I have seen that in the SS&C Blue Prism Community Forum, someone else’s solution can be a much better way which one can gain valuable insights from. Over the course of time, once you feel confident enough, my suggestion for everyone is to help other members on the Community Forum itself and provide them with your solution as it not only helps them but also helps the individual to present his valuable ideas and solutions which can be well presented in the examination itself.

Do you have names for your digital workers? 

I love giving names to my bots as they are like a part of the family. My favorite names to this day have been Wesley and Jarvis (You can understand why? 😉)

Tell us about a current hobby. 

My current hobbies are watching Hollywood movies, anime, K-Dramas, and football matches whenever I wish to be lazy which I do not get much time for in reality. Apart from that something I have been trying for some time has been to stay more active with my workouts, let’s say that is still a work in progress!

We hope you found inspiration in Devneet's experiences and insights into the world of Blue Prism certifications!
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