What's New: Customer Newsletter: January


 Happy New Year!

Not only does January mark the beginning of a fresh chapter, but it also brings exciting news: The launch of our highly anticipated SS&C Blue Prism Customer Awards — a celebration of excellence and your invaluable contributions to the intelligent automation world. 

Community Team
Community Team

So, what if your goal this year was to put yourself out there a bit more? Why not enter our Awards? Because we’re definitely ready to celebrate your success! 

Read on to discover...

How to join this year's awards.

How your ideas directly impacted our product.

The Gartner® guide on the generative AI technology landscape.

How Teranet won last year's Innovation Brilliance award.

...and more!


Are you ready to be the next intelligent automation trailblazer? 

Yes, we are talking about you! 

For the past eight years, our Customer Excellence Awards have honored the pioneering achievements of our customers who’ve effectively mastered and innovated with intelligent automation (IA). 

And guess what? We know you're one of them!

We're looking for incredible successes that showcase how you've revolutionized your IA programs with an imaginative touch. After all, we recognize that YOU are the key to the success of every IA program.

What are you waiting for? Enter by March 3 for a chance to win! 

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Got a question? Go to our community thread and we’ll be happy to assist you! We've also put together a submission guide to assist you in crafting the best entry possible. Inside, you can download templates for individual categories to help you prepare your winning entry. 


Have more questions? Want help preparing for your entry? Need a pep talk? Ask Us Anything! 

Join us on February 14, when our team of experts, past judges, and winners, will be on hand to answer your questions live.  

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How Did You Influence Our Products in 2023?

Did you know that, in 2023, 65% of new ideas submitted were reviewed, and more importantly, 51 community-sourced ideas successfully made it into the product? There are lots of benefits to getting involved with our community-sourced ideation program, and we’re excited to share that this year, we’re working on enhancing the experience for both software users and our product managers. Read our update for details. 

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Community use-case: Combining AI & RPA to automatically issue fines

How do you feel about manually processing 8,000 images each month? Probably not great … So why not follow what Zdeněk Kabátek did and use an AI image recognition model together with SS&C Blue Prism to automate it? Read the solution and ask Zdeněk your questions in our latest Community Blueprint.

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34740.jpg 34741.jpg

How Will AI and Automation Impact Businesses in 2024?

What are the 2024 predictions for AI? Discussions around automation have been growing as the technology advances. 

Dive Deeper

Empowering IT Professionals in the Age of Automation

Are companies equipping their workforce with the true power and capabilities of AI? 

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Teranet Speeds Real Estate Transactions by 75% with Intelligent Automation


Winners in our 2023 Customer Excellence Awards, Teranet helps residents of Manitoba, Canada, register property transactions. The company came up with an innovative solution to integrate RPA with an OCR solution to automate complex form verifications — which include handwritten, unstructured data. They can now easily handle variations in volume and process 40% of applications with no human intervention.

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Chorus Training Content Now on University!

Join one of our foundation courses to get insight into SS&C | Blue PrismÒ Chorus BPM and the SS&C | Blue PrismÒ UX Builder platform and capabilities. This is a great first step to knowing more about the opportunities of these new products within the SS&C Blue Prism portfolio. 

We’ll be adding more content over the next few months, so check back often so you don’t miss out.

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Meet our Certified Developer: Devneet Mohanty

Thinking about embarking on an SS&C Blue Prism Certification? Hear more about the value of getting certified directly from one of our certified developers!

Devneet Mohanty is the second interviewee in our series, where he shares his journey as an SS&C Blue Prism certified developer and provides valuable insights into his experience with the certification exams. 

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Discover Gartner®'s guide to the Generative AI Technology Landscape

Inside the report, you'll get insights on:

  • How the critical layers in the Generative AI technology landscape can support your automation implementation.
  • Assessing a model’s fit for your case based on accuracy, costs, time to value, and security and privacy principles.
  • Adopting a platform approach to enable automation, standardization and trustworthiness.
  • Understanding how infrastructure can support high performance at scale.

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eBook | Intelligent Automation In Alternative Assets

Get insight into the opportunity of intelligent automation in the investment landscape and tactical advice on how best practices could be adopted across varied use cases across industries. 

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