New to the SS&C Blue Prism University: Blue Prism ROM™ 2 Professional Certification

Hear more about the new certification from our Global Head of ROM Emma Kirby-Kidd.


Welcome to a pivotal moment in intelligent automation (IA)! We’re thrilled to introduce the SS&C | Blue Prism Robotic Operating Model 2 (ROM™ 2) Professional exam, a groundbreaking certification designed to set new standards in the IA industry.

To give you an insider's look, we sat down for an exclusive interview with Emma Kirby-Kidd, a leading expert in the field of IA. Emma shares invaluable insights and tips crucial for anyone looking to master the complexities of SS&C Blue Prism's IA offerings.

Whether you're a seasoned professional aiming to sharpen your skills or a newcomer eager to start your journey, join us as we delve into the world of IA, exploring how the ROM2 Professional exam is a key stepping stone to achieving excellence in IA.

What is ROM2 and how does it benefit organizations?

ROM2 is our industry-leading delivery and scale framework and set of best practices to enable organizations to build, deliver and grow their IA capability. It’s a proven and secure delivery methodology that organizations can use to drive value through the use of all IA tools. And when coupled with our robust maturity model (or the pathway of growth) it will allow organizations to tailor their own journey and experience with IA.

How does ROM2 differ from traditional IA implementation approaches?

Unlike the others, we have made this tool agnostic, so it covers all tools in the IA spectrum rather than just focusing on specific products. This is the how-to guide to automating no matter what tech you are using, and it even plays to the changes and advances in the industry, such as gen AI.

What are some of the most common challenges organizations face when implementing IA? How does ROM2 address these challenges?

Well, we’ve made no secret that the previous version of ROM was solely geared to robotic process automation (RPA) rather than IA. So when approaching the framework update we wanted to make it easier for organizations to move forward into the IA space. And a lot of the challenges we were seeing included getting the funding to do so and proving the value of expanding the IA toolkit.

Therefore, we have built-in guidance around things like business cases, benefits realization and validation, and total cost of ownership to help organizations really sell the story of success and drive all value types.

What are some best practices for designing and developing robust SS&C Blue Prism processes within the ROM2 framework?

There are so many to mention. For a comprehensive walk-through, I suggest you head over to ROM Hub. However, a few immediate takeaways would be:

  • Involving stakeholders and automation advocates.
  • Don’t automate the process as it is; design the process for automation to gain the most value possible.
  • Work as an automation team collaboratively rather than siloed.
  • Lastly, the key to success is reusability. Don’t reinvent the wheel in terms of objects and documentation if you don’t need to.

How does ROM2 Professional certification contribute to the credibility and expertise of IA professionals, and what are the potential career benefits?

Like with any other project methodology certification, it represents that you know what you’re doing in this space — that you have the knowledge to build and grow an IA capability and can follow the best practices to drive automation value in your organization. Also, if you want to progress and move into other opportunities, it’s attractive to other employers.

Can you share some resources for those interested in learning more about ROM2 certification?

The SS&C Blue Prism University has a great collection of learning paths and courses aimed at ROM2. You can also visit the ROM Hub and interactive space to find all ROM2 content.

What advice would you give to organizations considering adopting ROM2?

It might seem like a lot to learn and implement in the early days, but you don’t have to do it all! The framework and maturity model are fully adaptable to meet your needs and methods. If you want to learn the basics, then we have a ROM2 Quick Start Guide on the SS&C Blue Prism University. It covers the basics to get started and you can learn and grow as your IA capability does using our other related resources and courses.

Fun Facts:

What's the most surprising or unexpected way you've seen ROM2 applied in an organization?

The new ways organizations are reaping benefits from the tools and how creative they are being with their automations. I’ve worked in this industry for over 15 years now and still learn from our customers. That’s why we love it when people sing their own praises and share best practices through networking with each other.

What excites you most about the future of ROM2 and intelligent automation?

This is no longer a static methodology/framework! We’re building on new content all the time and our customers are very much part of that process! We ask them to collaborate with us based on their experiences and knowledge and that’s very helpful for other customers.

In terms of what excites me the most with intelligent automation? It’s always seeing the latest advances. To me, gen AI is such an exciting move and I can’t wait to see how our customers use it creatively to service their customers in a way they want to be serviced.

We hope you found Emma's insights as enlightening as we did. The ROM2 Professional exam represents a significant step forward for professionals in the IA sector, promising to enhance capabilities and open new opportunities for innovation and growth.

For more information on how to prepare and register for the exam, visit our Certification page. Let's innovate and excel together!