Next Generation Continues to Level Up! Here’s What’s New

Stay informed with the latest updates in Next Generation.

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Since SS&C | Blue Prism® Next Generation became generally available in March 2024, we’ve been busy making several updates to the platform to improve your overall experience and take your intelligent automation (IA) program to new heights. From enhanced environment management to smoother operations monitoring, this release packs a punch when it comes to streamlining your automation workflows.

Let's dive into some of the biggest upgrades.


Controlling Environment Deployments Just Got Easier

One of the standout new features is the ability to selectively publish process versions to specific environments. On any process or object version page, you'll now see a "Publish environment(s)" area that lets you check or uncheck which environments you want that version deployed to.

This granular control is a real boost for testing changes across different environments before broader rollouts. Digital workers will now automatically run the latest published version for their environment when executing processes.


Better Process Visibility and Management

The latest batch of improvements enhances visibility into your automated processes. For starters, you can now select and delete multiple assets simultaneously from the Process Repository — hugely increasing efficiency for repository maintenance.

The Dependencies tables also got an overhaul, now displaying all nested dependencies, approval statuses and references whenever a repository page refreshes. No more instances of dependencies falling through the cracks.


Additionally, you can now sort processes and objects by creation or modification date, and other minor adjustments have led to big process management improvements.


Streamlined Process Monitoring and Auditing

Operations monitoring and auditing see key enhancements as well. The Work Queue and Automation Flow Activity pages now have filtering capabilities for quickly surfacing relevant process runs.

You can view logs for work queue items and automation flows directly from those pages. And any automation flow stoppages will be recorded in the audit log for record-keeping.

On the environment side, locks now display the digital worker’s name that acquired them. And the Monitor page's Work Queues tile accurately updates when switching environments.


Under-the-Hood Upgrades

  • While not as flashy as the user-facing changes, this release includes several backend upgrades that strengthen automation integrity:
  • Import processes and objects with/without all their dependencies, so you can just import the elements you need.
  • Processes using password input parameters can be added to automation flows.
  • Users get friendlier messages if they lack relevant permissions.
  • Table rows deselect if they don't match applied filters.
  • Page loading states are more clearly articulated.

This is just a taste of the exciting new features available in Next Generation. We're committed to continuously improving your intelligent automation experience, so stay tuned for even more updates in the future!