SS&C | Blue Prism Desktop: Desktop 1.1


What is SS&C | Blue Prism Desktop?

Our SS&C Blue Prism Desktop solution enhances workforce cohesion by supplying a unified environment for both human employees and digital workers, whether they are operating on desktops or in unattended settings.

SS&C Blue Prism Desktop delivers the control, security scalability and auditability required to automate repetitive tasks that must run on employee desktops, in real-time.

What should I expect?

Automations continue to be developed centrally, using the same design, build, and governance methodologies, giving customers peace of mind. With the support of multi factor authentication, using a combination of start-up and mid process parameters, and individual credentials. Meaning processes which previously couldn’t be automated as unattended can now be – with real-time collaboration between human employees and digital workers.


SS&C Blue Prism | Desktop 1.1 release highlights:

With Desktop 1.1, customers can efficiently manage their unattended and attended digital workforces in a single, secure environment, reducing infrastructure costs, lowering  Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), increasing efficiency, whilst expanding use cases and advancing their automation landscape. Where customers have Blue Prism environments with Desktop 1.1, they are now able to create and manage automations, either for desktop attended or unattended, and we’ve made extensive changes to enable this to be done easily, with the guaranteed quality and security expected of Blue Prism. We are also introducing the capability to design automations so that a Desktop digital worker can trigger a Blue Prism process, opening new opportunities for desktop automation. 

When will 1.1 be released?

Desktop has now been released!

Have your say!

We believe in the power of collaboration with customers and partners to drive innovation and progress. So, I would be delighted to hear your thoughts on potential use cases and the direction you envision us takings as we continue to collaborate with you on our Unified Workforce Roadmap. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and start a conversation, together we can achieve great things!

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