Welcome to ROM2 and the hub


Hello everyone and welcome to the new world of ROM™– ROM™2 and the new home of ROM™2 – ROM Hub.  

As Head of ROM, I’m delighted to be able to bring some new, exciting changes and additions to our industry leading methodology.  

So, first let’s discuss our new and improved methodology, ROM™2. 

One of the most frequent pieces of feedback we’ve received is that the ROM should be simplified so that it’s easier to implement at the beginning of a customer’s journey and meaningful when an automation capability grows in maturity. 

We also wanted to ensure it provides the right level of content and paths to help companies as their intelligent automation program matures. 

Here are the ROM™2 Foundations: 

  • STRATEGY With a strategy and governance framework in place, use SS&C Blue Prism’s intelligent automation platform to support your organization’s vision and deliverables using a collaborative and unified workforce. 
  • WORKFORCE Successfully transition towards a unified workforce, complementing and amplifying people skills with digital labour, delivering value to the organization and transforming customer and employee experiences. 
  • DESIGN Identify transformational opportunities through a combination of research, design, and consulting, then reimagine work by deploying intelligent automation at scale, delivering value to employees and customers. 
  • DEVELOPMENT Understand your intelligent automation delivery lifecycle and industry-standard development methodologies to focus on controlling how much value can be delivered at speed. 
  • OPERATIONS Embed best practices to achieve a smooth production process with efficient planning and control of business operations. This supports a continuous improvement mindset and drives best practices and learning across the team. 

Along with simplifying the foundations, we have also created a new maturity model, based on feedback from SS&C Blue Prism users. 

Maturity Model



So that now brings us to where you can find all the great content, we have on ROM™2 and how this will support the new maturity model and that is here in the new home of ROM, the ROM Hub.  

ROM Hub is now where anything ROM related will be contained.  

In the Hub you will find the following:

  • ROM2 & Maturity Model – On this page we will explore the 5 foundations of ROM™2, the topics for each foundation and the Maturity Model. We will guide you through what is needed for each foundation and how you can create a pathway of growth using ROM™2 and the Maturity Model. 
  • Content library – Here you will find all articles, white papers, presentations, podcasts, and webinars relating to ROM. We have made it easy for you to find the relevant material to suit you, just type in what you’re looking for into the search bar and all tagged material will be available for you  
  • Blogs – All new ROM Blogs will now be posted here. See what others have to say about how Intelligent Automation has transformed the way they work or look out for interesting changes in the industry in our blog series. If you are interested in providing a submission you can contact us to review.  
  • Community – Come chat and share experiences with other SS&C Blue Prism users. Our award-winning community has proved to be a great place for customer, partners, and internal teams to collaborate, share best practice and support each other in their journeys using our portfolio of products, this area is specifically aimed at just the ROM methodology but can find communities relating to all SS&C Blue Prism topics. 
  • Quests – will be coming soon to you but will be self-paced learning relevant to your role and career aspirations.   

So, for now take some time to explore ROM’s home and interact with the community to start sharing your thoughts and experiences.  

Keep coming back for updates to material as we will be constantly uploading thought leadership and updates to support you through your successful Intelligent Automation journey  

Emma Kirby-Kidd 

SS&C Blue Prism’s Global Head of ROM