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Welcome to the Blue Prism Digital Exchange Community!

The Blue Prism Digital Exchange is a "shop window" for new and emerging technologies—a platform that puts powerful RPA and AI capabilities into the hands of business leaders. Users can find and apply pre-built AI capabilities, in the form of downloadable integrations and Visual Business Objects (VBOs), to automated processes. These assets connect and integrate Digital Workers, existing systems and processes to Blue Prism's technology partners, creating a solid foundation of AI-enabled Intelligent Automation that's scalable and sustainable.

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NOTICE: Microsoft's new Outlook client and the Outlook VBO.

Hello All,Please be advised that Microsoft's newest Outlook client DOES NOT support COM interop. What that means is the Outlook VBO will not work with this newer Outlook client. See below reference from Microsoft regarding supported features with the...

ewilson by Staff
  • 6 replies

Utility - RabbitMQ - Compile error

Recently have downloaded the 'Utility - RabbitMQ' asset from the DX and we are finding there are compile errors.  There is a comment in the DX with a solution to add a reference to 'System.Memory,dll' however after doing so, there is still a compile ...

Utility to unlock latest adobe PDF versions

Hi team, Is there any free utility available to unlock password protected PDF using blue prism? The Adobe VBO has costs involved so we are looking for other solutions. and looks like itextsharp and pdfsharp do not work with the latest PDF versions a...


GraphAPI - SharePoint

Connector for Microsoft Graph API - Sharepoint: Using the above connector, able to perform the CURD operation to read, write, delete and create the SharePoint list using the GraphAPI for SharePoint. However not able to download the attachment from sp...

How to pass the command line in the command Prompt

Hi Team,  How to use Utility - Environment VBO For passing the command line in the command Prompt. If you have any specific concerns or suggestions, please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks, Shweta------------------------------Shweta Naik------...

Active mail notifications for DX?

Is there a way of getting automatic mail notification based on changes to DX items being updated? I see the notification bell showing me the numbers of notifications but I have to actively log in to DX and then open the bell to see if there are chang...

Delete File not deleting?

Hi, I am trying to delete two files in a C: drive in the local development area and it's not working.   I have use the guide and have set the input as instructed... (Utility - File Management VBO guide) But the process is seeing the file in the che...

8736.png 8737.png

Attach and Launch Stages

Hi ,In which scenarios can be used Launch and attach stages..------------------------------Sidramappa HunashyalSAAccentureAsia/Kolkata------------------------------

Powershell VBO suddenly not working?

Hi, I downloaded the Powershell VBO yesterday and inputted my PS file path that contains the code.  It worked yesterday, but I've come to run it today and nothing is happening. I have checked that the file exists and it does, I haven't changed the co...

8078.png 8079.png

MS Outlook VBO - 10.3.1: Copy Between Subfolders (???)

Good Day, All, This is more along the lines of making sure I am not missing something (and probably something obvious at that).  I need to copy email items between folders, and I am not seeing a way to do that, at least not easily. Given an EntryID, ...

stepher by Level 6
  • 1 replies

Collection has no current row

Greetings: I executed a BOT Process. I receive the following error when the process executed the MS Excel VBO_Extended::Open Workbook stage.    The error message is "ERROR: Internal : The collection has no current row." Sincerely, Edward Daly -----...

Genesys API

Hi all, We are having an issue with using the postAnalyticsConversationsDetailsQuery Genesys API in Blue Prism. It returns a HTTP code 400/bad request from every request sent. Other Genesys APIs are working ok.  I've tried a few different variations ...

Unable to access Digital exchange.

Hi Team,I am unable to access Blue prism digital exchange and getting below error You have encountered an internal server error on the Blue Prism Digital Exchange. Back to the home pageIt was working till last month for me, dont know what happen wit...

Powershell - How do I format my script?

Hi, How do I format my script that I have to run within the Powershell object? I have one data item I wish to use [User Logon Name] and this needs to be used in the script to generate the Remote Mailbox, and set a locale. I'm not sure how to format ...