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Add extra data to a work queue

Level 2
Hi, I'm new to blue prism and currently finishing off my first project, any help would be appreciated. We have loaded items to our work queue, but as our process moves forward we need to add more data to the queue (without duplication of the item) so we can create a completion report for the worked items. I have all of the data in a collection but as soon as we process more than one item the completion/exception report is adding the wrong data to each item i.e. only adding the last worked items data. Is there an easy way to do this? Thanks

Level 6
Check out the process examples, there are some queues which will not take in duplicate items (essentially, check if the item is already in the queue and if so, don't add it).

Level 3
Use the Internal - Work Queues Business Object, and the action stage Set Data, to update Queue data as you go along in your process.

Level 2
Great thanks patron, the completion/exception report is now holding the correct data.