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Global Send Keys Events Tokeniser

Level 3


This is for Global Send Keys events where the input is Uppercase or special char.

Can anyone help me to create a code stage for below

which will convert Capitals and Ascii/special char replace to <{SHIFT} .......>{SHIFT}

eg- BluePrism@2024

regex/special char to be replaced - [@_!#$%^&*()<>?/|}{~:]

output - <{SHIFT}B>{SHIFT}lue<{SHIFT}p>{SHIFT}rism<{SHIFT}@>{SHIFT}2024<{SHIFT}#>{SHIFT}

Sasank Sai Mekala
Tata Consultancy Services

Level 15

I think I probably did this years ago using a loop stage that looped through each character and choice stage or decision stage that evaluated Ascii values of each character and then built up the string for the text to enter using Global Send Key Events.   My logic will have been reusable in a global VBO (unfortunately I did not keep a lot of my old stuff so do not have it any more).
Doing such a loop/decision logic will seem very slow in studio but will run almost instantly at control room speed (just a .Net do while.. and if statements in reality).

I'd also be interested if anyone figured out anything smarter and more efficient than my old needed to be done quick way!