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No connection from runtime server to application server

Level 2
Hi all

I`ve just joined the community and hope you can help me here.
Our evnironment loos as follow:

1 SQL 2019 Server
1 Runtime Server
1 Application Server

BluePrism 6.10.1 is installed on the application & runtime server. On the application server I use SQL Server (Windows authentication) and I was able to create a database directly from the application server and I`m also able to connect to the DB.

On the runtime server I`ve configured the client as follows:
Connection Type: Blue Prism Server
Connection Mode: .NET Remoting: secure

Unfortunately now I can`t connect to the application server.
This is the error message I get:

The following error has occurred:
The server is unavailable after retrying for 2 minutes

All 3 Servers are in the same Network zone and I can ping each one from each server.
I`ve installed the login agent on the runtime & application server.
Further I`m not able to start the BluePrims server service. I`ve also started the BluePrism Server.exe File and there I see in the Server Service tab that the service is stopped.

So can anyone help out of this? I`m struggling since days here 😞


Walter Mencattini

Hi @WalterMencattin,

You mentioned that the runtime resource is configured for .NET ​Remoting: Secure as the Connection Mode. Can you confirm that the Application Server is also configured for .NET Remoting: Secure as the Connection Mode? The two must match. Below are some screenshots of a config. These are based on WCF, but the same idea applies to .NET Remoting.

Runtime Resource Example Configuration:
Application Server Example Configuration:

Eric Wilson
Director, Integrations and Enablement
Blue Prism Digital Exchange