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Kill CMD issue in BP 6.10.3

Hi Team,I am facing issue while closing or killing the cmd application in the Blueprism version 6.10.3The same kill function is working fine in other downgraded versions like 6.4.4 and upgraded version like 7.0.1.Error details : Failed to terminate a...

Queues Best Practice

Hello All,I am currently working on implementing a Blue Prism solution and need a bit more clarity regarding queues. Initially I was unsure whether I actually need to use queues at all, but found this thread and I certainly see the value now. I then ...

spy in issue Firefox

unbale to spy element in Firefox with any modeWe have BP Version 6.10.0:  Firefox version 97.0.Blue Prism Browser Extension version 6.10.0.------------------------------baban thombre------------------------------

Avoid Duplicate in the work queue

Hi guys,I have some work items loaded into the work queue. After some time I need to load a few more work items but it contains some duplicates (which means some items are already there in the work item so I should not load that again) How to find th...

BP screenshot

hi , i want to do a screenschot with BP and poste it in a word file , but i have not idea how to screen in BP. some one could help me?------------------------------cissoko yann------------------------------

How to get child elements count in a web page.

I am trying to extracting table data in a webpage but that table is not in <table>  tag it is in <div> tag. If i want to extract table data first i need get child count so that i can loop rows and i can extract. in javascript we can use document.quer...

Issue with Delete Files stage

Hello, I have an issue with Patterns for Delete Files stage in Utility - File ManagementI need to delete files with multiple patterns. I wrote Patterns: "*.png, *.xlsx, *.isdoc" but it wont delete those files. Why is that?----------------------------...

Resolved! Window Title

Dear All,I need a help in 'How to get the window title' in Blue Prism. I am using a workflow where "If it is not connected" it should attached "Attach Window " but after 5 retries also it is unable to Attach the window when the "Is Connected " decisi...

1098.png 1099.png 1100.png 1101.png

Send email utility- HTML Wrap text not working

Hello All,I am trying to send an email which requires certain formatting. I am trying to wrap the text through HTML code with specific styling. the styling works when executed from notepad++. but the same styling doesn't work when the code is passed ...

Resolved! Outlook VBO - Received Emails - To Issue

Dear Team,In our team, we started using MS Outlook VBO instead of MAPIEx as MAPIEx has lot of issues.In MS Outlook VBO, i am using Read Received Emails action and its reading perfectly fine however from TO Address this action is reading the display n...