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Default IP allocation in Azure

I'm just getting started with BP and with Azure. I'm going through the process of setting up our Azure infrastructure and have a potentially silly question...The VNET covers IPs from and when I created one in Azure, it also created a defa...

Lock is not available for Environment Locking

Hi,I am using Environment Locking for Multi Bot architecture in my process. While i am using Acquire Lock action token is not generating even though I have only one BOT running. Please let me know how to handle this issue or how could this be fixed?B...

Resolved! Resource PC

Hi,I hope everyone is safe!I think this question would be a very basic one but I have all of a sudden requisite some clearness on this topic.Why do we have to use Resource PC setup in blue prism (kindly please explain in the more practical example) -...

Comparing two Collections to look for unique values

Hi all!Hoping for some help. I'm quite new to Blue Prism and development in general so I'm a little stuck.I'm trying to compare two Collections to determine - Common values in both, Unique Values in Collection 1, and Unique values in Collection 2.The...

Merry Christmas #12DaysofRPA

#12DaysofRPA​------------------------------Juho VihonenRPA Reliability Engineer, Chapter LeadOP Financial ServicesEurope/Helsinki------------------------------


Table in PDF

Hello Guys,Please help me with all possible way to read a table from PDF file.Thanks,------------------------------Neeraj KumarSoftware Engineer------------------------------

Neel1 by MVP
  • 3 replies

How to close an opened tab on chrome Browser?

Hi, Am pretty much new to Blue Prism and trying to have a hands on experience in automating a web application.My use case is as below :Log into a web application using chrome browser and when user clicks on a particular pdf link on the web page, it o...

Extract Outlook

I have the following case to solve: 1 Extract multiple attachments from an email history, 2 Get the entire body of the email containing images. I would like to know if it is possible?------------------------------Jaqueline Santos--------------------...

Recover deleted object

Is it possible to recover the object/process that has been deleted? Please help me through the steps to recover it ?

manasab by Level 2
  • 4 replies

Set Cell Value - Special Character

Hi guys!I'm trying to pass a special character (€) to Excel via "Set Cell Value", but after stage completion the field in worksheet is blank, I'm pulling the value of a data item from another page (no Hide flag) and making the expression ([Char] & " ...