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BP Upgradation from 6.4 to 6.10.1-Databse error

Level 6
Hi Team,

i am working on Upgrading  from BP 6.4 to BP 6.10.1.
I was able to install the BP client (6.10.1) version successfully but when i try to upgrade the Database

i get following error "Cannot upgrade the database at this time. This may be due to another user currently executing a long-running transaction on this database." PFB screenshot for reference

Have someone faced this issue, i dont have much details in event logs as well



Hello Manoj

Have you checked if there is any long running query Database Server in the background?

This could happen if the table being updated (during the update) is already in use. For some reason, I am unable to see the snapshots. Could you please share them again?


Hi Manoj,

You can use DBCC OPENTRAN() in SQL Server Management Studio to show you transaction information for the Blue Prism database (your query window will need to be connected to the blue prism database). This will show you the Oldest active transaction, see the attached image as an example. You can also use the attached WhoIsRunningWhatNow.txt script to see who is running what against the Blue Prism database. This should allow you to identify where the connections are coming from so that you can stop them. It is recommended to have exclusive access to the database during the upgrade so that the database schema modifications can be made.