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Batches disappearing after Data Verification stage under Admin Panel - Batches

Level 5
Hi All,

I'm facing an issue after the Data verification stage. 
1. I have added a batch with 3 documents of 1 Document Type to Decipher(hence Class Verification is disabled), Data Verification is performed. I am able to see the batch status changing from In Image Processing - Data Capture - Ready to Export. After which my server connection will be lost and after reconnecting again, navigating to Admin Panel - Batches, the batch vanished from the list. However I can see the batch report under Report tab for the corresponding batch. Additionally when I run the "Get Next Completed Batch" stage from BluePrism process, it return false. 
Anybody has some resolution on the issue?
2. Also please provide a solution for the Server connection getting lost during the Decipher process steps.

Thanks in Advance

Hi Amarutha,

1. It sounds like there's an issue with Decipher pushing the export details to RabbitMQ. This could be because the credentials are incorrect, the port is blocked or perhaps RabbitMQ isn't installed on the same server as the Decipher Web Client. If you're not sure how to check I would recommend raising a support ticket so we can help walk you through it.

2. Include this with the support ticket above as it may be linked. The top item in our troubleshooting section may also help.


Ben Lyons Senior Product Specialist - Decipher SS&C Blue Prism UK based