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Blue Prism - Azure Blob/PowerApps

Level 5

Hi All - Couple of questions with regards to BP capabilites:

  • Does Blue Prism have the capability to connect to Azure Blob Storage so that it can retrieve files or upload files? Is there an existing VBO or any relevant documentation that we can utilize? I saw this utility in the DX but there are some concerns with regards to the security based on user comments: Are there any other alternatives/options?
  • Can Blue Prism connect with Power Apps? Ex: Can we access a Dataverse table from Blue Prism and make any updates to the table?

Thanks in advance!


Level 6

Hi Maneesh

We have been using the Utility - PowerShell along with the PowerShell Az-copy module to copy files to Azure Blob Storage. The storage admins set up a Service Principle for us to use. Our use cases are all copying reports/data into storage, so haven't tried finding the module needed for downloading files - but presume that is also doable. Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer allows you to view the commands it uses (it also uses Az-copy for copying files to blobs) so you should be able to see what PowerShell module it uses to download files.

Sorry can't comment on connecting with Power Apps/Dataverse.



HI Maneesh Vemula

I would suggest to check below digital exchange VBO(Process for Microsoft Power Platform Connector - 1.0.0)  for connecting to power platform

If the above VBO is not helpful I  would look in to the options  like utilizing Dataverse Web API( to access it in blue prism

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Harish Mogulluri