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CUSTOMER QUESTION: Objects identified using Chrome just stops recognizing fields


Customer stated that processes built using objects that had been identified in chrome work correctly but, intermittently (after about 3-5 times through the process it just drops the objects and will no longer find the fields.  The problem will resolve if Blue Prism is restarted but, will happen again after a few times through.  This is happening on multiple processes.  The developer asks... is it due to the use of the Kill Command?  The process uses the kill command to end Chrome then later reopens Chrome for another part of the process.  The customer also wondered if it had something to do with the use of Chrome on the same port at all times?  Customer referenced this work around that would not be optimum in a production environment.

Additional question is:  Has anyone noticed that Chrome now opens with many instances running automatically in task manager.  This was after the latest upgrade of Chrome.  Any explanation?  And could this be affecting the response from blue prism with the opening and closing of Chrome multiple times within a single process?


Level 7
You should check firstly that the chrome extension is approved by your IT department.  We had a similar issue and discovered that virus software was removing the chrome extension.  This needed to be whitelisted by our IT department.

On your other point, there is instability on the standard chrome fixed port if you "Kill" the application.  The port becomes locked. Instead close chrome with a shortcut command CTRL SHIFT W - the session is much more stable closing in this way.

CHrome always has many instances running - best to steet clear of trying to involve process id in handling of the session.