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Can someone guide me on how to spy inspect browser's pop-up window?

Level 3

Can someone guide me on how to spy and inspect the browser's pop-up window? 

I know that it can be done by creating another object with maybe desktop based. but could someone guide or share the steps?


Hello Appurva Tejani,

In general I would follow below steps
lets assume that after login to the application> navigating from home page to the second page  there is a  pop up

In that scenario 

1) I would navigate till the second screen in object1 and

2)detach that object1 and

3) attach the object2 

4( in the object2  - spy the pop and any other additional information, once I complete Pop up related action I will detach  object2 and

5) attach the  object1.

Check below knowledge base article  related to  pop up.

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Harish Mogulluri