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Cannot publish/deploy Power Platform Connector as Azure function in Visual Studio Code

Level 4
Hi, I am trying to make Power Automate Platform Blue Prism connector work but have stuck in the beginning. I have downloaded the whole package including some PDF document from Blue Prism Digital Exchange. But currently I have opened the project in Visual Studio Code and need support in how and what exactly to publish into Azure Function. 
But as soon as I am not using classical Visual Studio but Visual Studio Code. I am trying to follow the guide from microsoft for how to work with Azure Functions in Visual Studio Code: Create a C# function using Visual Studio Code - Azure Functions | Microsoft Learn I have installed all necessary things and necessary extensions in Visual Studio Code like C# VS Code extension, Azure functions extension for VS Code. I have installed .NET SDK 6.0 and also "Azure Functions: Install or Update Core Tools" package manually. But when I go to Azure functions extension and try to build the project I get the following errors: 
can you help me with more details on how to deploy your connector to Azure? In the PDF guide there is not enough information on how to set all up and publish it....
Question is should I build up this project at all? If yes then what should I change in order to build it up correctly? I have installed all necessary components as .NET bundles and extensions but it still does not work. Or should it be really "normal" Visual Studio not the Visual Studio Code and in normal Visual Studio it will be somehow easier?

Anastasiya Ilgova
Lead Automation Developer
Automation COE


Hello @Anastasiya Ilgova,

What version of Blue Prism are you using? The reason I ask is that the Power Platform connector is rather old and the author of that solution no longer works at Blue Prism. Since Blue Prism exposes a REST API now, it would be a much better idea to use it as opposed to that older solution which was designed before we released the native REST API.


Eric Wilson
Director, Integrations and Enablement
Blue Prism Digital Exchange