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Capture v3.1 is now available


On Thursday the 24th February, we will release for General Availability (GA) Blue Prism Capture v3.1 on the customer portal. 

Capture automatically defines a business process from a process owner demonstration, and rapidly creates key automation artefacts, including a fully detailed Process Definition Document (PDD), and a BP release file, containing process, object, and application modeller level data ready to be handed over to a process developer. 

How does Blue Prism Capture v3.1 help our customers?

Capture v3.1 is focussed on reducing the time and effort it takes for a process analyst to produce useful automation assets. The improvements include: 

  • Automatic censoring of passwords during process owner recording – this no longer requires manual editing and ensures security and compliance is maintained
  • Visio export improvements – more detail on individual user actions and branching paths so process developers aren't left guessing
  • PDF export improvements – significantly improved image quality to save readers from eye strain 
  • Application modeller data – now utilising a tree structure automatically 
  • Spying at other scaling (not just 100%) 
  • Plus a bunch of customer-feedback-driven minor improvements, including: 
    • Option to only export objects
    • Tooltips for icons
    • Fields in export menu saved

o Easier navigation in PDD word doc 

  • DX search and Help opened in default browser rather than electron window 

Thank you, 

Tom Chiles – Emerging Technologies Product Manager

Tom Chiles
Product Manager Blue Prism