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Certificate for WCF: SOAP with Transport Encryption

Level 2
Hello community, we are trying to generate a connection through WCF: SOAP with Transport Encryption, currently a certificate was created and self-signed, and the connection is already in the application server, but when trying to connect through the runtime resource I have the following error :

Verify that the certificate on the server has been appropriately configured and is valid for the specific server address.

My specific question is if you have any guide to generate that certificate and connection, in addition to seeing if you know where you can send those certificates to be signed.

Thank you so much.

Admin Jacob Montoya Rodriguez


We have a few articles in our Knowledge Base about the Blue Prism requirements for certificates with links to our "Securing Network Connectivity" documentation. I'd recommend you review these resources and the Online Help topics within to help set up the certificate(s) correctly:

Steve Boggs
Senior Product Support Engineer
Blue Prism
Austin, TX