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Citrix Xendesktop VDA HDX/ICA compatibility

Level 4
Hello, seeing if any folks use Citrix VDA to remote into Bots as opposed to software like VNC? Have a small environment now and it seems to work. The resolution does resize/change if you remote in. But it seems to work otherwise. And after folks remote in they just reboot and the default resolution gets reapplied. Wonder other folks experiences using Citrix VDA.  thanks

Level 15
Whatever virtualization tool you use the two main requirements you need to ask virtualization experts for are Persistence and Consistency.  The fact the resolution is changing suggests that is not being provided in your current set up - so I would suggest there may be other settings that are not going to be consistent also.   You connecting to a robot VDI should have no impact on that VDI - you should be just viewing an unchanging virtual image.  That is fundamentally different to virtualization aimed at providing desktops to human users.