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Command Prompt: Run BAT. File

Level 5

This wasn't at all obvious to me so I thought worth mentioning:

When using the VBO Command Prompt : Run BAT. File, it doesn't work if you step through it in debug mode.  You have to run the process using the Go button and take your hand off the mouse - ie. just let it run.

Also, when specifying the .bat file location it uses Global Send Keys so any special characters need to be compatible.  For example, this process uses a script saved in c:\Program Files\Your Drive Map\drivemap.bat to map a network drive:

First, save the credentials for the drive using the command line/Powershell: USE x: \\your path\folder /savecred /p:yes

Then, in a BP process:

Step 1: Command Prompt: Launch

Step 2: Command Prompt:Run BAT. File (Bat. file path value: "<{SHIFT}'>{SHIFT}"&"c"&"<{SHIFT}:>{SHIFT}"& "\Program Files\Your Drive Map\drivemap.bat"&"<{SHIFT}'>{SHIFT}"

Step 3: Command Prompt:Exit Code (Name value: "EXIT 0")

Jeremy Dean

Hello Jeremy,
Thanks for sharing

Leonardo Soares
RPA Developer Tech Leader
Leonardo Soares RPA Developer América/Brazil