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Couldn't get Automated Reviewer - Digital DA working

Level 2

After getting through the configuration hassle I was able to make it review *.bprelease files, however creating report is still an issue. For one of the releases it is able to fill info about 2 processes and then fail when trying to create new sheet in excel (wrong handle perhaps?). And for the other process I've ran it just fails straight away. Although, creating report file is successful, but it doesn't contain any info. Any ideas on how this could be fixed would be highly appreciated. 35868.png


Hi Arseni Huliankou,

Are you using the same workbook name and handle  on this page as well as another page where you either open workbook or create handle.

I would check that first if you dont see any issue probably double check the  logic for all interaction for the excel, It is also worth verifying the create worksheet paramters.

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Harish Mogulluri