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Resolved! Collection

Hi All,I have a Collection, i Want to set the first row Values As Header Names but it has Duplicate values ie why it is not setting the header names, For Ex, in first row "Last Movement" is repeating again and again. How can i delete these duplicate ...

AS by Level 4
  • 6 replies

Graph API - SharePoint - Access Denied

Hi Team, In our process, we need to utilize the SharePoint Graph API to access a particular library within a SharePoint site of a site collection. This is due to the client's stringent internal security policies. However, I am currently encountering ...

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Ocr performed - ready for Capture - Docment struck

Hi I have updated Decipher from 1.2 to 2.1. and  existing BP ver is 7.0 All services are running fineI am able to push the  doc to Decipher Image process and  OCR  stage competed successfully BUT Document not moving to further stage   and struck  at ...

Capturing web element by using xpath

I created an application modeller for web application and also captured the element, but the attribute id in our web application changes continuously, so how can we manually update xpath in application modeller?------------------------------Urmila Pa...


Greetings, I am having a problem spying specific elements in a web Page.My problem is that when I try to spy the elements I dont find them, I only find the parent element.Blue prism can't find the rest of the elements.for example this element is the ...

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Resolved! Decipher Server Service is not getting started

Hello Team,I tried installing decipher on my local machine. Post successful completion of installation, i can see that Decipher server service is not getting started. I tried uninstalling and installing the Decipher IDP components, also tried to perf...

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Resolved! Fonts and Logos missing from Decipher login portal

Hello Team,Hope you're doing well.I have completed the installation of decipher but unfortunately fonts and logos are missing from the login portal. Please see the screenshot below. Any pointers how to fix the issue? Thanks in advance.---------------...


Can Interact-back and forth-between human and systems

Hi,I am looking into implementing an use case using Interact.This process implies data entry from an agent, which is then checked against existing contract data (third party systems). Depending on the result, the agent can choose between different op...

Philipp by Level 2
  • 4 replies

Load Images into image data type using path

Hi, I'm trying to read an image file into a image type data item. In order to store an Image it should be preselected in Image data item by My image path comes dynamically at the run time, in this case how do I read data in to image data item.------...

Not link to the loop-end, is there a mistake in logic?

The logic like following picture, is there a mistake in logic. Does this not meet BP Best practices.I think the logic like the break function on for each loop on the VB code.------------------------------Kimora Xu------------------------------

HuanXu by Level 2
  • 3 replies

Resolved! How to pass Column name into collection having #

Hi ,I want to pass below value into filter parameter of collection where Column Name is data type having value = BIN # (BIN space #)and Binid is other data type having value = abc.  Please suggest how can I pass"[Column Name]='"&[Binid]&"'"Getting er...

How to get PIVOT table Vales as count instead of Sum

Hi All, I'm trying to add the Pivot table Value columns and I'm getting the result as Sum of the Column Name but I want the Count of the Column name Instead of Sum. Could you please help me on this how can I achieve this and any code available to ge...