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Using a web API through BluePrism

Hi! For a project, we are trying to utilize a web API to approach a specific application.  The API seems to work, but we are having some trouble getting started on how to use this API through BluePrism. How should we go about this? We've found the fo...

Resolved! Upvote an IDEA - Folder for Environment Variables

All - I stumbled upon one of Ideas from Ideas portal about grouping environment variables into a folder by @MallikarjunaDon  - I personally feel its a great idea and would trim down lot of pain in messed up environment Variables Tab with 100s of envi...

URL Validation

Hi I have a 1000 urls and i need to check if each url is working or returns any error, how can i do that. Please suggest------------------------------Akhil AllagaddaAutomation EngineerAccelirate IncAmerica/New_York------------------------------

Selecting Items From Drop Down List

Hi, I am working with BP travel application, it is browser base application, I am trying to select particular value from drop down ( combo box ) . but  in Navigate stage "Select List item " option is not working . would you like to suggest to select ...


PDF Acroform

Hi Alli have gone through this below thread and thought of trying from my sideBlue Prism Community Blueprismremove preview Blue Prism CommunityHi All,Can you assist me in finding a solution to extract data from a PDF without relying on external ap...

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Process Log in 6.10.5

Why do some of the columns the process log in 6.10.5 display in an abbreviated format?  I have to drag the column separator every time I go into the process log in order to look at the column values.


Multiple Domains on Azure Active Directory

I have a scenario where my customer is using multiple Domains in Azure Active Directory in Azure cloud. Now in order to cater multiple domains. Please suggest on the step as shown in the screenshot below.1. Do i have to create multiple connections fo...

esaugos by Level 6
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BP not Attached after Launch of Edge Browser Application

We have recently noticed that when in debug mode the launch actions we have created for Edge Browser no longer automatically attach to the instance of the combat when stepping through after the launch stage we are having to step through ou...

System Information

Hi All,Is there any option to obtain System Information (Space available in drives, Machine name) using Blue Prism ?Thanks in advance.------------------------------Madhu Garg------------------------------

Batch stuck in Waiting for Class Training

Hi, I'm trying to test the classification capabilities of Decipher.I prepared a batch of 53 documents that were sent to Decipher (as a training batch). After the OCR step, the batch enters the status "Waiting for Class Training". However, it has been...

Invoke VBA (not using Run Macro action) feature

Hi all,I have recored macro on Excel and would like to invoke VBA script on a certain excel file through Blue Prism like UiPath's activity 'Invoke VBA' which allows VBA to run as .txt type as followingI'd rather invoke VBA script (.txt type) than 'Ru...

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YunaLee by Staff
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