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Integrate Decipher IDP with AZURE AD

Hi,I want to integrate Decipher 2.2 with AZURE AD. AD team is requesting following data;- 1. Meta Data file, 2.EntityID or Identifier: 3.Replay or ACS urlplease help to fetch this data.Thanks,Manav------------------------------manav Singla-----------...

Active Queue - Input parameter

Hi Team,We are trying to test the active queue for one process and we have a  startup parameter for that process.How can we deal this?------------------------------venkata sai rishith ghantasala------------------------------

Clear caches in chrome

Imports System.IO   Module MainModule     Sub Main()         ClearChromeCacheAndHistory()     End Sub       Sub ClearChromeCacheAndHistory()         Dim chromeUserPath As String = Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.LocalApplication...

How to pass ( ) into Send keys

Hi,I want to pass my shared drive path into send keysC:/ABC/XYZ (R drive)/Randon values/Random Values.xlsx but because of ( ) its not able to write values & throw exception as group delimeters are not balanced.Please suggest how can i pass my values ...

DocuSign API Integration protocol error

Hi team, I am getting a protocol error while accessing through blue prism API but I am able to access it through Postman.Can someone else help me to resolve this error?Currently, I am using blue prism suggested Docusign VBO and attached here it for r...


Blue Prism - Resource PC (Port 8182) - v7.1.1 disconnects

Hi,I didn't find any articles related to resource pc pop up for port 8182.It shows what is process happening and then suddenly it disconnects from server. Any logs found, the outcome of process is successful.Could you please explain when it quits\dis...

nana1 by Level 2
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Classify Multipage Invoice

We have a document which contains different pages some of them may contains page related to invoice. Maximum time the invoice page will be only 1, which is handled. But in rare case it will be multipage. Can anyone help me , to classify such document...

Resolved! A Number formatted as using a 'dot' for decimal point (XXX.XX) on Excel is INTERMITENTLY read with comma for decimal point (XXX,XX) by Blue Prism.

Hi Guys,We have recently encountered the following issue in on Bot running in Production;A number formatted as XXX.XX (e.g. 913.24) is intermittently read by the Bot  as XXX,XX (e.g. 913,24) - i.e. comma replaces a dot as decimal point indicator.The ...

Unable to start the scheduler from control room

Hi ,Unable to start the scheduler from control room. scheduler is created in control room and scheduled particular time. But scheduler was not started, and I checked in scheduler report also. In logs showing resource is offline and retried 10 times a...

How to resource back to online

Hi,In control room sometime resource went to offline. how to get back to online or idle state in control room.example "not conencted" , "Offline".------------------------------Sornakumar VRPA DeveloperIopex technologiesChennai------------------------...

AMI error occurred in WaitStart Stage 'Wait for document to load' on page 'Loign' - External AppMan reader thread exited before response from query - ERROR

Hi All,When I am logging-in to web application in production got below errorAMI error occurred in WaitStart Stage 'Wait for document to load' on page 'Loign' - External AppMan reader thread exited before response from queryfrom the past one week we d...

Resolved! Get Verified Document no Output

Hi,I'm currently exploring Decipher and I'm stuck at the process 03 Get Verified Documents. Whenever I run Get Next Completed Batch, it gives me a blank output collection; there is no error message whatsoever. I checked my batches and there are some ...