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REST API JSON with repeating content

Hi,It's been a while since I used the product and am getting back in the swing of things, so please forgive a somewhat newbie's question.I have a few REST API's with JSON body and output.  I have one working just fine, thanks to some tips I found on ...

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Issues when launching URL with Chrome

Hi,We are facing a issue when launching URL with chrome. Its launching a blank page lot of times and sometimes loads expected webpage as well. When tried manually it launches webpage correctly each time. We are using command line argument [url] & " -...

Data Item to store and update variables across sessions

Is there a way in which we can store and update the Data Items present in BP across sessions? its more like an environment variable but to which we can make updates too. This will help us in storing variables across sessions like flags, data which re...

Resolved! Rename and Move file do not work

Hi,There are some files in a folder. I need to rename the file with today's date (For example: 05.05.2023_File Name). So, I used "copy file" to copy the file with new name. Then I used "delete file" to delete the old file. And finally, I used "move f...

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Apostrophe in subject line

Hi,I have a situation. I have 5-6 different subject lines which may come in an email. I want to store all these into env var with comma separated. In two of my subject lines i have apostrophe coming in , Ex - diner's club add. How can i pass this val...

Unable to send mail using PoP3/SMTP

I have tried to import POP3/SMTP VBO for email automation but when i started to execute its simple task it is not executing below is my execution. ------------------------------Pranith Pashikanti------------------------------


Resolved! Program is not executing

Below is the image which contains the program to call an api to get exchange rates and store it in a respective variable i created.when i started the program it starts with START button and directly skips to the END button. --------------------------...


Decipher minimum requirements: performance problems

Hi,I am facing a performance problem with decipher, which provokes the web server to respond very slow during manual Data Verification, sometimes losing the connection with the server and the unsaved progress of the verification. We use Decipher to e...


Attach Issues Edge IE mode v6.10.5

Hi all,We are facing an issue as we cannot attach to Edge IE mode. The same logic works fine in 6.5 on a daily basis, but when testing it in version 6.10 it always fails on the second case (although it is the same page as the first case). We have tri...

Not able to Spy Scroll bars

I am working in an Web Application, Where there are two scroll downs are present in the web page. When i passed the key stroke as "{PGDN}" "{DOWN}" through global send keys only the outer scroll bar is moving down.  Need help to scroll down the inner...