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ResourcePC http communication failed

We are trying to communicate with another resource PC via remotePC http. However, getting authentication failed error even with valid credentials.All we are doing this in order to execute a job on a diff resource PC. Is this the right approach ? Plea...


Java application Spying issue

HI TeamI am trying to automate a java application. I was able to spy the element using Java mode and when I tried to spy other element in the same page getting the Spying error. I have installed JAB installer and enabled JAB. I think I have done all ...

Errors in Data Verification and extraction

We have a DFD mapping say 100 fields for a type of document. Some of the documents we need to extract from have only 80 fields. We get errors every time when these kind of documents sent into Decipher.  How much training are we expected to perform? W...

In Chrome, Attach stage hangs unless page reload is done

After launching an application using Chrome, if I were to detach and then try to attach, the attach stage gets hung up and ultimately throws an exception if you wait long enough.  I discovered that if I hit Page Reload, the attach will work.  I can a...


Hi everyone. I am new to this community and hope to get along with everyone.------------------------------Simpi Kumari------------------------------

Consuming SOAP API - Deserialise Response?

Hello,Disclaimer - my knowledge of Web Services is extremely limited. We're trying to utilise an API for a SOAP service. We've been provided a .wsdl which Blue Prism cannot import (as it does not support recursive data types) but have managed to get ...

MJTM by Level 2
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Resolved! Can blue prism set faksimile on word documents

Today we had a request if it is possible, besides adding and copying Text out and into a Word document, that the robot also can read and set faksimile´s ( pictures of a handwritten signature) on the bottom oft the word document. Does anyone have expe...

Comparing Collections

Hi All,  I have two Collections :- Item Data and Final  DataIn  collection Item  Data there is a column called Amount which can be for Ex- 575; Corresponding to this in Collection FInal Data i have a column called Amount which has two entries one pos...

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AS by Level 4
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Access is denied - using global send keys (chrome)

I have a process that launches a URL using Chrome and runs on a schedule. There is a login agent process that runs  before my process runs. When the schedule runs and I am not logged onto the HVD itself, the process is throwing the following error me...

a026833 by Level 4
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Outlook VBO incorrectly deleting emails

I have a strange issue where the outlook VBO is supposed to move emails to a sub folder in outlook. When this process in run on the schedule, sometimes it is deleting the emails rather than moving them to the folder.It is odd as this has not occurred...

at392 by Level 4
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Passing PowerShell Commands from Blueprism

While I am passing PowerShell command through PowerShell vbo not getting any output, but it is executing. Please help me on this how to pass commands like Adding Distribution Members to Distribution Group from Blue prism.-----------------------------...