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Data Gateways - impact on production environments

Level 3

Hi Team,

We are about to implement Data gateways for the first time in our project.
We have tried fulfilling the pre-requisites from this guide steps.
In the process of checking the pre-requisites we tried to configure 8101 ports in Blue Prism to identify whether listener is working or not. During the configuration, there is a pre-requisite Data Gateway Engine component setup that needs to be installed in all the VMs/BOTs that are using Production Blue Prism server connections. Please find the screenshot below.

BP Data Gateways Engine component.jpg

We have a concern that we are not sure about the impact of this installation/configurations in production environment.
Requesting your help, If someone worked or known the concept of Data Gateways/any scale of Impact about this in production environment please let us know.



Datagateways is an application server component and does not need to be installed on the runtime resource machines.

Level 12

Hi Sourabh,

As mentioned by John carter it is app server component and it doesn't not require to install the  resource machines
Also I suggest to try  in dev or QA server before implementing in prod.

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Level 3

Thanks for the prompt responses, I will try it out and will get back if there are further questions.🙂