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Decipher Get Verified Doccument Process Issue

Level 3
Hi Team,

i am facing the issue in the decipher get verified document process. After completing the data verification step in decipher web application, i can't able to get the next completed items in the collection, and the batch available as false only.

Can anyone help me to resolve tis issue?

Thanks in advacnce,
Janani PR

Janani PR

Hi Janani,

The first thing I would check is that you are inputting the correct queue name. Also, go into the Admin panel to the Batches section. What is the batch status?

Patrick Aucoin
Senior Product Consultant
Blue Prism

Hi ,

I am also facing the same issue
The status in the batches tab is "

Krishna Elapavuluri
TEchnology Consultant

 Hi Patrick,

Everything is working fine till verifying the document in decipher IDP. Post that when we are running "Get Verified document" process, we are getting no result in the document collection of Blue Prism. Please suggest what could be potential reason.  

Should we change Suffix Queue Name in Blue Prism? If yes, where we can find the correct value for the Suffix queue name?​​

Yash Jawale
Software Development Engineer