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Dynamic Value Field Automation with Surface Automation

Hello,   I am working on Citrix environment, thus I have to use Surface Automation in my object. In application, there is a field that have dynamic values, means that value changes for each process running time, and I want to change this field's value. If I define a region element for this field and select Location Method as Coordinates, does it work? Or, are there any other solutions to do it?   Thanks, Gunsu.

Level 14
I would need to see a screenshot of what you're referring to, but from the way you describe it, you'll probably want to find a piece of text or an image that you can use as an anchor and then make the field you're referring to dependent on that anchor's location. So, in short, yes you can set a region's location by Coordinates. But it is always best to make those coordinates based on finding some other element that is not based on coordinates first. The Surface Automation guide (〈=1382&=Apply) has good examples of how to do this. If you haven't already gone through the Surface Automation training (documents/exercises), then you should go ahead and do that. SA is a lot easier once you see how Blue Prism intends for you to use it.
Dave Morris 3Ci at Southern Company Atlanta, GA