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Automating Scheduler Update

Level 3
Hey guys,   I have a scenario where I would need to add a Task on an active schedule periodically and on completion of the previous last task, I want the new task to be run. Is there a way to automatically do this? 


Level 12
Not OOB there isn't, but you can do this with a custom controller and AutomateC. If you don't want to write a standalone application, you could have a single process running with all of the logic for this instead. Example: -Controller Process is set as a 24/7 process in Blue Prism -Controller Process periodically checks for new work to be ran for all processes -If work is found for a process, either add the information to a work queue (ideal), or pass the information to the task's start stage. Start via AutomateC in both cases,do not run as a sub-process. -Launched process completes, inserts data into work queue for subsequent task -Controller Process checks for data in second queue as a condition to launch the subsequent task. If data is found, launch via AutomateC. Alternatively, you can compile an external application to do the same thing, but with multiple threads. We have process kick off as soon as an e-mail comes in (monitored by an external handler, saving data to a folder monitored by the controller), or as soon as data is inserted into a monitored Work Queue, either via a process in Blue Prism or via SQL population. The safest way we've done the latter is to have any injected SQL data go to a custom table and/or schema, which is monitored by the controller. The controller then kicks off a feeder process to query it, and run "Add to Work Queue" stages based on what's there. Once that's done, the actual process kicks off.