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Experiencing sudden slowdowns with UIA

Level 3

Hello community!

I'm facing a issue with UIA, it started happening last Thursday for no apparent reason, what happens is that the spying of elements using UIA happens normally, but when I click on highlight or when the process is running, Blue Prism is taking a really long time to do the action, I talked to my co-workers and the function is working normally in their machines, As far as I remember this slowness started after a Windows update, but I can't identify it by looking at the Window Update history, could it be related to the issue?

I would like some opinions that could help me solve this problem, Thank you very much!

BP ver. 7.2.1

Chrome ver. 125.0.6422.113 (latest)



Did you check working with application was there any loading time issue or also check sql memory usage sometimes due to that also it causes slowness.

Parthiban A


Hi @RRSantos 

Have you tried running your process from control room on a different machine?


Andrzej Silarow

Hi Parthiban, thanks for replying.

Everything seems to be working normally during the action, normal slq memory usage, this slowness is also happening in Egde. 

Hi Silarow, thanks for replying.

Everything works fine on production and co-workers machines. 


Hmm... have you tried re-installing Blue Prism?

I know this might seem like a last resort, but if it's only your machine that's affected, then clearly it will be software related.


Andrzej Silarow

Verify if there is any other extension installed in MS edge(Try uninstalling the other extensions which are not required), that might be also slowing down. You can probably clear all the caches and cookies from browser. And retry once again.

Parthiban A