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Export Sharepoint List to Excel

Level 2
Hello everyone,

I am a newbie on blueprism and I would like your help. I have been trying to export a sharepoint list to an excel  workbook through blueprism but no proper method has come up to me after a through search over the internet. Is there a way to get the data? I even tried spying elements but that also doesn't work. 

Thanks in advance.

Vedant Gautam

Level 9
Hi @VedantGautam,

Welcome to BluePrism community !!

In order to get the sharepoint list to an excel please follow the below steps:

1) Spy any one element of the sharepoint list using HTML mode (preferably) or using AA/UIA mode.
2) Use read stage to get the data in collection.
3) Use Create instance action of MS Excel VBO to create an instance of the excel.
4) Use Create workbook action of MS Excel VBO to create a new workbook against the same instance.
5) Use Write collection action of MS Excel VBO to write the Collection value in excel.
6) Use Save as action of MS Excel VBO to save the generated excel to your preferred location.
7) Use Close Workbook/Close Instance action to close the generated excel.

Hope it helps

Ritansh Jatwani Senior Consultant
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Level 6
You may want to consider using Graph API to fetch the sharepoint list instead of the UI, and use the excel VBO as Ritansh  mentioned in his post

Pritam Poojari
Solution Architect

Hi @VedantGautam Why dont you simply map Sharepoint folder to be a network drive on your computer and use file manipulation ?

Vipul Tiwari
Senior Process Simplification Developer
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