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External Licences

Level 4
hi! Background: (EDIT: BP Version / .Net Framework 4.7) We are integrating an external (Aspose) DLLs for one of our projects. These libraries (once available in Blue Prism Limited folder and referenced within object) work fine, albeit any output from them is stamped with 'this is an evaluation only.. blah blah' text). We do - as a company - have licence for the Aspose total product. The .lic file is saved within BP folder but it's not being recognised. Question: How can we 'import' the external licence into the Blue Prism, so the DLL recognises it and doesn't produce the 'evaluation' stamp? Do we need to add some custom code into 'initialise' page code? Normally, within .NET IDEs (netBeans etc.) you'd have option to import the licence for libraries, but BP doesn't seem to have one (tried using the option to import licence (as you would with BP's licence) but that doesn't work with non-BP licences). Regards

Level 10… My guess is that you need to add something like this in init stage: License license = new License(); license.SetLicense("Aspose.Words.lic");

Level 10
There is also an overload for a license with IOStream:…