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Filter Collection with SAP Data

Level 6
Hi Experts,

I have two collection. One is excel collection and another from SAP (Convert SAP data into collection by read stage) There are only one data( One Component# out of multiples) which is present both the collection. 

Now my requirement is BOT will pickup that data ( Component#) from excel collection and search in SAP collection if found then move to next stage if not then stop the process.

Please help me on urgent basis.


Hi, Asitabha,

you have at least two options:
1. you create two loops and first one will be the excel one and you will search in the second loop (SAP one) for the component#. In case you find it you jump out of the loop and continue with whatever steps you need.
2. you create one loop - the excel one - and you will use filter collection action (Utility Collection Manipulation) which will return an empty collection (no match found) or non empty collection (match found) and you continue based on that.