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How to locate/identify an Excel attachment on a web browser helpdesk platform

Level 4

Hi, I am working with Freshdesk, an online helpdesk platform for our Procurement team. I am building a process which is required to open a helpdesk ticket and access the Excel attachment.  The issue I have is that the attachment is not in a fixed place so I can't simply spy the same location for each ticket, and I can't see an action that would work...

This is what the ticket looks like, and each orange section represents a time the ticket was handled. So the first was when it came in to the Helpdesk, then the second is when it was assigned to the Bot's inbox. I expect the attachment to be at the bottom of the page each time but this is not always the case and I was hoping there would be some sort of function with the BP system to search the page for an attachment... 




Fran Woodcock


Hi Fran it sounds like you'll have to try and work out how to identify your element without using the Path attribute. When the web page is dynamic, element paths are impermanent cannot be relied on as a way of consistently identifying a BP element. Things may work when you create an element in app modeller, but once the web page changes again, the Path attribute may become invalid.

John Carter
Blue Prism