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How to use element cross object

Level 6

Is there way to use the element identified in another object instead of creating a new or copy and paste to. 

e.g. Element A identified in object H, now want to use element A in object Z without newly create in Z.

Eric Li
Operation Analysis


Hi Eric - take a look at Shared Application Model in the documentation.

This feature was introduced as a way to cope with applications that cannot be attached to. This limitation is quite rare and if my memory is correct, relates to particular flavours of mainframe. If a VBO can only launch and not attach, then you have to have all your integration logic in one object, which as you probably know, can have disadvantages. The shared object model concept allows object B to utilise the application model of object A. Object A launches the app but B does not need to attach because it is using A's model.

However, please read the documentation to understand the pros and cons of this configuration. Personally, I have never needed to used it.

John Carter
Blue Prism