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Is it possible to download process log and queue report from SQL

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I downloaded the following csv file containing the schedule process log from the Recent Activity of control room and the process queue report from the Queue Management. Then combine all the reports (process log and queue report) into an Excel file that I connect to Power BI for visualization purposes. This is kind of a manaul job. 

However, I am looking for an automation concept where I want to retrieve all the data (same as the process log and the queue report CSV file) from the SQL server. After that, I will connect the SQL server to Power BI.

But I need to know, is it possible to collect data from the database? If possible, can someone share the steps in detail or a link?

I know we can create a BP workflow to get the queue report. But it would be great for me if I can get the queue report from the database as well.

Schedule Process Log


Queue Report



Hi Ekram,

Personally, I haven't pushed/published the data from BP to any external dashboards, but I believe we can send the session logs, work queue data from Blue prism to external systems/dashboard tools via Data Gateways. Attached the guide for your reference.

Data Gateways

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Hi @Athiban Mahamathi Mathialagan

I apologize for my late reply. Thank you for your suggestion. I will take a look.

HI ekram,

In general yes its possible to get the data from database.  

As mentioned by other member you can also utilize the data gateway.

Also if you are looking for specific data points on specific work queue you can build the process  such a way at the end of the process to store the data in sql  database  or excel( like mi report) 

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Harish Mogulluri

Level 3

Finally, I could find out the following information (Start and Endtime including  Exception Reason of Login, BP Workflow and Logout) from the Database (BPA Schedule Log Table).


But the first row represents the total start and Endtime from Login to Logout. I could not find out. Does anyone have idea which Database table do I need to find this?