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Decipher DFD Formula for Date Field

Hi all  I need some help in a DFD I have a field that sometimes is found by the rules on the document but sometimes is not on the document. When not found it should take the same value of another date field. What I get back from the formula is not i...

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PedroSL by Level 3
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Adhoc when editing object in debug

I see that the topic was discussed over a year ago, but no solution mentioned. When we step into an object in debug-mode, make some changes and step out cleanly, we get the pop-up for saving (as allways), but then next time into the object its adhoc,...

OleG by Level 4
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Resolved! 2FA Secret Key Base 32 code error

Hi all, I've used the Utility - 2FA object to produce a TOTP for my process. When I input the Secret Key from a Data Item in my process, the 2FA object produces a valid code for the authenticator. However, when I add the Secret Key into an additional...


Resolved! Blue Prism hub 4.6 HTTP Error 502.5

Hola chicos, instale blue Prism hub 4.6, pero al intentar acceder a https://authentication.local/  me muestra lo siguiente  tienen idea de que es lo que puede estar pasando quedo atento a cualquier ayuda,------------------------------Tomás Salinas-...


Resolved! Unable to start a Scheduler through command prompt

Hi, I am trying to start the scheduler through command prompt but it is not starting and I am getting error the command is" AutomateC/startschedule Mathan /user Vikram Vikram " and I getting error "Invalid command-line argument 'Mathan'" Can anyone h...


Blueprism Version Control

Is anyone using any tool for version control for Blue Prism? Please let me know your suggestions on any tools to maintain the versions and release notes on Blue Prism.------------------------------Dhivya Mani------------------------------

Resolved! Convert Excel to PDF with pagesetup options

Hey guys I'm trying to convert excel file to pdf with specific page setup options (orientation and scaling). I use this code, but it converts to pdf without paying attention to the options. Dim wb as Object = GetWorkbook(handle, workbookname) Dim exc...

Microsoft SharePoint Graph API - Upload File

Hi All, We are currently facing an issue while trying to upload a document to a SharePoint site in client environment. The “Upload File” action of the Microsoft Graph API seems to be throwing the following error during debugging: Please find bel...

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Checkboxes with variable path

Hi, currently im working on a flow where I see myself stuck. The problem I got is that I have a Checklist with multiple checkboxes that whenever one gets clicked opens another sub-checklist on them. Each checkbox it is writed as the same in html code...

Unable to fetch list item from SAP tree structure

Hi,Have you worked with SAP Treeview? I have a use case where I need to count list items from the tree and click on each item individually to get a specific value. List Item is dynamic and could be changed based on the month. I tried to spy the indiv...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Blue Prism Scheduler

Hi guys, I'm having problems scheduling my process. If I drag and drop in Controll Room, I got no problems. But if I create a Schedule, and i Try to "Run Now" the process, it doesn't work. Can i have some help? Thanks!------------------------------Va...