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Issues identifying elements in executable application

Level 3
I am to automate a process in a windows executable application, but I am facing significant challenges when spying for elements in it.

In general, all spying techniques except AA only recognizes windows, panes, as well as the navigation menu buttons (e.g. "File", "View", "Tools", etc.). AA is able to recognize most, but not all elements. However, even highlighting an identified element takes minutes and the identification is very weak, e.g., relying on the text within the field and finding multiple matches for empty fields. It should be noted that I have tried UI and application navigator, and running BP and the taget application as administrator, to no prevail.

I am grasping for straws, but is there any technique/magical setting/command parameter/etc. I could possibly try to avoid using surface automation and other last resort-techniques?

Thank you in advance

Hi Johan,

Would you be able to share a screenshot of the application modeller when you are spying these attributes so we can see which fields you are ticking and which fields you could select to get the quickest and most accurate match for the elements you would like to spy?

AA and UI are both very good at spying elements however surface automation isn't too bad if you have to delve into it and can be a very useful backup if you do have to resort to it.

Best Regards,

Ronan Considine
Ronan Considine Senior Business Analyst Blue Prism

Level 3
Hi Ronan,

I have shared two attachments
"Capture": Shows result from UI Navigator
"Capture2": Shows result from spying a text field with AA and its unmodified match criteria

Level 3
I should add that I have now discovered that it is an MDI application (multiple document interface) - which I now believe is the root to all my challenges.