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Job Scheduling / Disable Job Temporarily

Level 2
​Hi all, I've been given an RPA system to support with no background in RPA and my primary responsibility is to keep the jobs running. I have a situation where I need to disable a job temporarily in the Scheduler and re-enable it once a couple of other jobs run through the system. In looking at the Scheduler, I don't see a Disable/Re-Enable option for a job. Can someone make a suggestion on how best to do something like this?

Joseph Bush
Network Administrator
GP Strategies

Level 2

Dear Joseph

Maybe you can use a calendar for this schedule, and settle days that process will not run as Holyday, so by default it will not run
Other option is settle in Schedule a Start Date / End Date

Please let me know if it willl help you somehow


Matheus Genghini

Level 14
By job, are you referring to a task within a Schedule or an instance when the Schedule will run (at which time it would run one task after another)?

If what you're looking for is a way to temporarily disable a Schedule, you can retire it for a bit and then unretire it later in the day. Right click on the schedule and click Retire. It will move into the next group down for Retired Schedules. This will 'disable' the entire Schedule though, so none of the tasks within it would run. And once you unretire it (that is, re-enable it), the Schedule will not run immediately. You'd have to either right click and hit 'Run Now' or make sure that one of its scheduled times will come up during the remaining portion of the day.

Dave Morris
3Ci @ Southern Company
Atlanta, GA
Dave Morris 3Ci at Southern Company Atlanta, GA

You could also pause the queue, which would effectively pause the job.  The schedule would run but the control room would not pick another item off the queue as it is paused.

Stephen Eric Jones
Blue Prism Developer
Swinton Insurance