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Launch Error

Level 3
Hi all, When ever I launch an application in application modeler even though application is launched it not showing Identify still its launch. Can I get explanation of it  Thanks.  

Level 3
Hi Nithin, I am also facing the same issue for launching one of the application. Let me do some RnD and get back to you. Please update if you have fixed this issue. Thanks, Shahaji S  

Level 2
Hi All,  Me to facing the same issue. I am 64bit win 10 os. Through application modeller it is launching fine, but I can't spy elements. 

Try launching with different Application Manager Modes to see if that brings any improvement. If it doesn't, then you may need to do an Attach after launching.

Level 3
Hi John, I tried as you said its working fine like attaching to the launched application and spying. Why its not spying when launched with application modeler any issue with application or application modeller. Regards, Nithin Kumar

Level 15
Launching issues are usually not a problem with Blue Prism, it is usually something about how your application starts - experimentation is required.  Sometimes you need to play with Application Modeller mode.  Sometimes you need to start your process using the Start Process utility action and then attach to it, sometimes the application launches but the UI runs in a different process thread so you are not attached to the correct process - a little bit of experimentation and problem solving is sometimes required, every app is different.